Below are testimonies of those who have been touched
and blessed by ‘Waves of Glory Miracle Ministries’.

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb
and the word of their ‘testimony’.....”
Rev. 12:11

Personal 'Healing' Testimony
Pastor Mary Ellen Gordon

The call to be a part of ‘Healing Ministry’ was given many years ago, when I experienced the ‘New Birth’ through faith in Jesus Christ in 1975. The Lord spoke in an ‘inner audible voice,’ “Lay hands on the sick and they will recover.” At that time, the only person I knew that performed miracles was the Lord Jesus, as seen in the Gospels. Later, I discovered in the Word of God, that in ‘The Great Commission,’ found in the Scriptures, Mark 16:14-18, every believer is to actively take part in bringing healing to all in need. Then again, 7 years later the Lord spoke to me about the healing ministry, placing within my heart a ‘passion and compassion’ to see the blind see, the lame walk and those sick in body, soul and spirit 'set free’ for the glory of God.

Today, at God’s appointed time, 'Waves of Glory Miracle Ministries’ is being raised up by God, with the mandate of bringing ‘The Truth’ through ‘divine revelation’ of the Word of God, so that all may hear and understand how to walk in divine health and wholeness in every area of life. The cry of Father’s heart is “My people are perishing for a lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6 It’s time that “The Truth Be Told and Shouted From the Rooftops,” words God spoke to me earlier this year during a time of prayer and fasting.

Tragically, most do not ‘know’ or ‘believe’ that ‘divine health’ and ‘healing’ are God’s will for us today, and that it was purchased by Jesus at great price through His broken body, so that we can walk free of sickness daily. After receiving the ‘divine revelation’ that ‘healing and wholeness’ are mine to receive and enjoy, I have experienced healing on a regular basis. In the past, as with most of us, I accepted symptoms of ill health without resistance. However, when you understand that Jesus already took YOUR sickness in HIS OWN BODY, you will see that there is no need for both of you to suffer needlessly. Divine health is ours to enjoy and we should not accept anything less. Today, there are many testimonies of those who have RECEIVED their healing. God is no respecter of persons! What he has done for others, He will do for YOU! Your miracle must be RECEIVED as we receive salvation or any other gift from God.

Now, when affliction comes to our minds, bodies, souls or spirits, we must resist every symptom steadfastly. And when you do, you will experience healing and divine health as a way of life. Yes, we are in a battle! Though sometimes miracles happen ‘suddenly’, most healings occur over a period of time. Will we fight for our ‘full inheritance’ in Christ which provides salvation, healing and deliverance for all who will believe and receive it by ‘Faith’, or will we continue to allow the ‘thief’ to steal, kill and destroy everyone and everything we hold dear? John Avanzini, in his book ‘Stolen Property Returned’ which I urge you to read, states,

“This book exposes the most successful thief in the history of the universe. This thief I speak of is a deceptive, calculating, plunderer, who has successfully moved freely in and out of our lives. He tries not only to steal our money, but rob us of our relationships, peace of mind, health,as well as our physical possessions. When this happens, it causes a ripping sensation that hurts all the way down into the core of your being.”Avanzini goes on to say, “I am convinced that most have no idea of the magnitude of the robberies..... It’s time for you to serve notice on the devil. He has robbed you long enough. For too long he has stripped and plundered your goods. Enough is enough! Don’t allow him to diminish your quality of life one day longer.”

In conclusion, the choice is up to you and me! For myself, I have chosen ‘divine health’ and I will continue to ‘fight the good fight of Faith’ for what is ours in Christ. May God open the eyes of our understanding and may you experience healing and divine health for yourself and those you love on a consistent basis. Please consider the other messages available on our website. We can be saved, healed and delivered and live the 'abundant life’ as we apply God’s 'Truth’ daily to our lives!